Verb Theatre is seeking actors for our April, 2017 production of Sextet by Morris Panych.

Audition Date: June 22/23 2016

Rehearsal Dates: March 13 - April 6, 2017

Performances: April 6 - 16, 2017

About the play:

This dark and steamy comedy explores the harmonies and dysfunctions of six sexually entangled musicians on an ill-fated winter tour. When a blizzard strands this sextet for an extra night, they have only their instruments, each other, and their secrets to keep them warm.

Roles available:

Most roles are for performers age 20ish - 40ish.  CAEA Actors will be seen first at audition calls. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to apply.  NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Harry: 30-something cellist; pale, thin, and gay or perhaps asexual; in love with Dirk.

Dirk: violist; handsome, cut, a fine male specimen; in lust with Sylvia. Some nudity required.

Sylvia: cellist; a feminist, in love with Harry.

Mavis: violinist; pregnant; religious; in an open-marriage with Gerard.

Gerard: violinist; has Klinefelter Syndrome; flamboyant; in an open-marriage with Mavis.

Otto: violist; the “Everyman”; was product of artificial insemenation; believes he is the father of Mavis’s baby.

About the company:

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Verb Theatre is a professional theatre company devoted to telling cutting edge stories in cutting edge ways.  Verb’s mission is to provide audiences exposure to new and surprising theatrical forms and conversations and to push the boundaries of theatrical storytelling into the future.  We aim to create tomorrow’s theatre today.

Verb Theatre is in the middle of our seventh season of programming in Calgary, where we are best known for our productions of: Lungs, by Duncan MacMillan; Jim Forgetting and The Dandelion Project by Col Cseke; Marg Szkaluba (Pissy’s Wife), by Ron Chambers, and; NOISE, a musical for Deaf and Hearing Audiences.  Our award-winning artistic teams have received critical recognition for their ground-breaking work.  Please visit for more information.

To Submit:

Actors are encouraged to submit a resume and headshot by email to no later than June 19.