by David Harrower

Directed by Jamie Dunsdon

Featuring Curt McKinstry and Camille Pavlenko

November 9 -18, 2017 at The Motel Theatre in Arts Commons

8pm evenings | 2pm weekend matinees

Tickets available HERE!

Fifteen years ago Una and Ray had a relationship.
They haven’t set eyes on each other since.
Now, fifteen years later, she’s found him. 
And she’s not a child anymore…

In David Harrower’s explosive drama, a man is forced to confront his past when it unexpectedly shows up at his workplace. Love and guilt turn poisonous as the couple recollect a passionate but ill-fated affair they had 15 years earlier.  After star turns in New York and Broadway, this award-winning drama everyone’s talking about is finally coming to Calgary!


“This haunting, powerful, incendiary work is the sort of daring theater far too absent from our stages these days.” —NY Post.

“masterly, mesmerizing…extraordinary…a miracle.” - The New York Times


Contains extremely adult themes.  Not suitable for younger viewers.  Parental discretion is advised.