Verb Theatre Experiment Lab

Call for Submissions

Verb Theatre is pleased to announce that we are accepting proposals from playwrights and creators for the  2017/18 Verb Theatre Experiment Lab.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Verb Theatre is a small professional theatre company devoted to telling cutting edge stories in cutting edge ways.  Verb’s mission is to provide audiences exposure to new theatrical forms and new conversations and to push the boundaries of theatrical storytelling into the future.  We aim to create tomorrow’s theatre today. 

Verb Theatre is entering our ninth season of programming in Calgary, where we are best known for our productions of: Lungs, by Duncan MacMillan; Jim Forgetting and The Dandelion Project by Col Cseke; Marg Szkaluba (Pissy’s Wife), by Ron Chambers, and; NOISE, a musical for Deaf and Hearing Audiences.  Our award-winning artistic teams have received critical recognition for their ground-breaking work, and we look forward to this new chapter in Verb’s creation future. 

What’s we’re looking for:

Here at Verb, we’re interested in scripts that tell stories in ways that push the boundaries of what theatre can do and what theatre can be. We are interested in theatre that touches on contemporary conversations and ideas. We’re looking for the theatre of tomorrow.

Often, however, this means that the work we are interested in just hasn’t been created yet, so we are opening up our doors and accepting proposals from playwrights and creators who are interested in using a bit of time to hash out a new form or style of theatre in our rehearsal room with our help.  We’ll offer you whatever resources we can - rehearsal space, time, a bit of money, expertise - and invest in your idea, and maybe your show will even end up on a Verb stage one day!  Or maybe we’ll all just burn off our eyebrows and never tell anyone.  Failure is totally acceptable in the lab.

Ideally, we’re looking for projects or ideas that Verb might one day like to produce or support, so we prefer submissions for projects that don’t yet have a firm production date ahead.

Financial Support:

Verb Theatre is a small independent company who values professional artists, and we are seeking proposals from professional artists only. 

The amount of financial support we can offer each project will vary.  We expect that each experiment will take anywhere from one afternoon to a couple of full-time weeks, and though we’ll offer the space, the financial support we offer is merely an honorarium to help you devote the time you need, or even just a materials budget.  We recommend requests of $500 - $2500.  You are welcome to apply for additional granting if accepted, and we will happily help with that in whatever way we can!

Proposal deadline:

We are accepting applications on an on-going basis.  Our next round of deliberation will consider applications submitted by October 15, 2017.  Please email submissions to Artistic Director Jamie Dunsdon at jamie[at]  with the subject heading: EXPERIMENT LAB PROPOSAL

What to submit:

  •   In a single .pdf or .doc file, please include
    • A one-page proposal about the experiment you wish to undertake, explaining your dramatic questions, the challenges, how you’d like to use your time in the studio.  It would be also helpful to list what kinds of resources you require (actors, technology, space, etc.) to successfully complete your experiment.  Give us as much detail in one page as possible, and if we need more info, we’ll ask!
    • A current resume or cv for each core contributor of the application
    • A project budget for the lab
    • Additional support material (up to 10 pages)

Who is eligible to submit:

Calgary-based professional artists (playwrights, directors, actors, creators, designers, choreogrpahers, ad hoc theatre groups, etc.)

Only successful applicants will be contacted.