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The Fight or Flight Response by Col Cseke

Directed by Kelly Reay

Featuring Justin Michael Carriere and Nathan Pronyshyn

March 10 - 19, 2016 Joyce Doolittle Theatre @ Pumphouse Theatres

8pm evenings | 2pm matinees

March 9 Preview

Honestly, man, if I hit one more person, in a match or training or whatever, I think I’ll just start hitting everyone. I’ll never be able to stop.” 

Kev begs his old friend Doug to be his corner man for his first professional mixed-martial-arts fight, but the real fight waits for them in the gym. There’s a growing divide between these two friends who’ve always been in step, and while they kick and strike and grapple with each other they’ve got to figure out why they fight, and whether or not they can stop. 

Join us March 10 - 19, 2016 for one of the most physically rigorous and compelling shows you’ll ever see.  Featuring live mixed martial arts combat.  Recommended for viewers 14+


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