2014/15 season


Mike Karen, Karen Mike

a soap opera

featuring Karen Johnson Diamond and Mike Keir

a co-production with Inside Out Theatre

May 13-16, 2015

MOTEL THEATRE at Arts Commons


Soap Operas, those addictive domestic stories of love and betrayal. But which are the more compelling? Absurd fictional ones we can revel in and laugh at? Or truly lived ones where real lives are on the line? Mike Karen, Karen Mike will perform both for an intimate audience. 

Starring Karen Johnson Diamond, Co-Artistic Director of Dirty Laundry Improv, and Mike Keir, long time ensemble member of Inside Out Theatre.

Each night Mike, who lives with Cerebral Palsy, uses a wheel chair, and is a professional wrestling and improv theatre super fan, will share his true Soap Opera of being seduced into, and ultimately escaping from, a harrowing and abusive situation.

While recounting this real life ordeal Karen will join Mike to improvise an irreverent and ridiculous Soap Opera inspired by elements of Mike’s past.

How can Karen help Mike reclaim his past by laughing about his story now? What do the labels “victim” and “villain” mean to Mike? How will this all work?

Join us at…  (pause for dramatic effect)… Mike Karen, Karen Mike ~ A Soap Opera to find out.



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